Wish: Independent edge color from face color option in materials / tags


I am a big fan of using color by material setting for edges.

But very often am I struggling with coloring edges. For example I have a box that I want to be red, but have black edges. Now I need to color the edges separately inside the group with another redundant material. It gets even worse when I color by tag also, because then I also need to make a separate tag for that.

I think it would be awesome if materials (and tag materials) had an option for “independent edge color” where one could define the edge colour separately from the colour of faces / texture.

Thanks for considering this!

Meanwhile swapping to Wireframe makes it easier to colour edges.
GIF 15-05-2024 5-57-32 PM


This is a great tip! I’m using a selection extension for this now, but this is even easier. Thanks :slight_smile: