Edge lines interrupted/dissapear and overlapping faces pixelate when zooming (SU 2021, MacBook Pro M1 Pro)

I just upgraded my hardware to the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor. While at it, I upgraded from SU2018 to SU2021.

I picked up on an early house model I started in SU2018 and I’m still at the floor plan stage. What I noticed is that the edges’ line get interrupted/disappears randomly when zooming in and faces on top of each other (same hight on blue axis) get randomly square/‘pixely’ textured when editing Groups. I’ve checked other Styles and reversing faces but no difference. Both issues making it annoyinly hard to continue modelling as you evidently can’t see faces and edges clearly. I’ve done a quick replica in a new file created in SU2021 and noticed some edges got fuzzy when zooming but not as drastically.

Anyone recognise and know how to resolve this problem? Has it something to do with the M1 Pro chip not yer being fully compatible with SU2021 or is there a know problem when opening SU2018 files in SU2021? Or is there some pre-settings I should turn off?

I would love to upload pictures of the problem but as I’m new to this forum I’m restricted in doing so.

Looking forward to any guidance.


Managed to upload one picture (when line gets interrupted/disappear):

Can you upload the model?

This is called “z-fighting” and the only way to avoid it is not to do that. In 3D space, when two objects are at the same plane, there is no way for an application to decide which one should be “on top”.

Another thing that causes weird display artifacts would be large model extents or that the model is very far from the SketchUp model origin point.

Looking at your image, are you also using a “Sketchy Edges” type style? You could try using one of the “Default” styles instead.

Thanks regarding faces. Didn’t experience this at the same degree (or at all) in SU2018. Will try to avoid going forward.

The style should be default lines.

Will try to upload the model.


Vemdalen - House layout 1.1.skp (2.1 MB)

Faces gets pixely:

That is z-fighting. As it shows up only when group editing, I wouldn’t bother doing anything about it. Some people recommend lifting the groups or components slightly above the floor plane.

Thanks Anssi! Looking forward to your take on the problem with the edges randomly disappearing when zooming in.

Edges that disappear as you zoom in are usually due to a variation of z-fighting called “bleed through”. When the edges of something are a small distance behind a face and you view them from afar, they show through because the graphics can’t decide between them and the face. When you zoom closer, the graphics can separate theM better and they no longer show through.

Put the plan on its own layer and toggle it off to view your drawing without the z-fighting. Don’t bother lifting anything above the imported image plane, that would just result in a weird model.

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You probably did because it’s the same now as it was then.

But I suppose it could be affected by the new graphics hardware on the M1 Mac.

I suppose it could. But it absolutely does happen when you draw planes on top of an imported graphic just like this so …

So in the picture I uploaded with the disappearing lines the lion part is only one layer of faces (expect for some groups representing placeholders for cabinets and table within the rooms); e.g. the outer lines representing the exterior wall etc are totally free from “face on face” but still disappearing. But do you mean those lines also can be affected by the Z-fighting caused by the small islands of groups far away?

Well I did when I come to think about it but it was merely noticeable as compared to this mess I now face. And definitely not any impact/bleeding on the edges.

No imported graphic is underneath in this case. But done so many times on my old MacBook Air in SU2018 without facing anything near this.

One approach to 2D plans might be to create components instead of groups of the “furniture” rectangles, and to set their “Cut Opening” property.

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Good advice. I’ll do so going forward. I’ll try also to redraw the plan in a SU2021 originated file with components instead of groups and hope the edge loss get’s less intense (as mentioned I did a quick plan and noticed some tendencies on thinned out (/blurred) lines when zooming in).

So when you hide the image you still get z-fighting? You should fix that before you try workarounds or tricks. You’ve got planes that are sharing space so it should be a rudimentary fix.

Components alone will make no difference unless you make them “cut” but then you really aren’t solving anything because you will eventually be using this as a 3D model and having floors and wall components as cutting doesn’t make sense (to me at least).