Easy way to make rounded edges?

I need to make a rounded edge on the inside of a picture frame. The rounded part was done on a shaper and not with a router so its a weird curve that measures 2" x 3/8". What is the easiest way to apply this on the inside of the frame?

Probably the easiest way would be to draw a profile (cross section) of the molding profile and use Follow Me to model the frame. If you need to show the frame parts as separate parts, you can select the geometry for one side and creeate a component. Then select the geometry for the next side and do the same. After you’ve go the two sides, copy and flip the copies to make the opposite sides.

This is what I tried. It works pretty good but I need it mitered also and follow me doesn’t like that very much.

Not what I was describing at all. Draw the profile of the molding.
Screenshot - 2_6_2021 , 12_36_05 PM

And a path–the rectangle behind the profile here. Run Follow Me to create the entire frame. Depending on the shape of the profile you might need to add some edges at the corners to separate the surfaces. as I did

In the third position I have created components for the side and bottom of the frame. Then in the fourth, those components were copied and flipped (not rotated) to make the opposite side of the frame.

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Oh my bad. Thank you