Rounded Raised Curved Frame Edge

I can’t remember how I created the outside raised section of this (cuckoo clock believe it or not) frame. I can do the outside edge with the follow me tool, but to get that inner edge, and the two to match… did I use a plugin?

You shouldn’t need a plugin to do any of that. Can you share the SKP file so we can take a look at what you’ve got?

Would love to, but I don’t have the file for that frame so I have to start fresh. I have restarted it, so I have the frame pre-rounding and can share that if it helps.


Whatever you’ve got will help.

Just draw the cross section of the outer edge including the inner face, and draw the plan view of the inside edge, then use FollowMe to do inside and outside at once.

It looks as if all your faces are reversed.

Start like this:
Run FollowMe, and you get this:

That’s it! You jogged that buried brain cell. Thank you!

John, I’m going to the CNC guy next week with the other,Modern Quilt, clock. I’ll reply to that thread when I have something to show. You’re so helpful; I bet it’d be nice to see how a project you helped make happen turns out.


Indeed it is. One of the longest running (several months) was to help a man draw, then make, a kennel for his dog Phydeaux. Can’t find the link now, unfortunately.

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