Early American Flax Wheel [WIP]

This was started a year or so back and put aside. Inspired by a new user who wants to model her spinning wheel, I dug this out to see about finishing it up. A few parts left to make. It’s a good model to practice your Follow Me skills.


In our parts a spinning wheel usually has a pedal attached to the large wheel to make it turn.

They do on this side of the pond, too. I just haven’t added that, yet. There’s also the flyer, bobbins, and the distaff assembly to do.

Like the title says: wery important pedal (WIP)


Sorry. Still no pedal but it’ll be coming up (and down).


Wow. If I can get anywhere close to that with mine I’ll be happy. Can’t do anything till Saturday as I’m away doing my weekly two-day babysitting shift but I can’t wait to get started.

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This old distaff is one of the most beautiful objects in my possession. I like the "architectural " look. It is carved from a single piece of wood.

Traditionally these were presented by young men to their brides as engagement gifts, often richly decorated to demonstrate the woodworking skill of the giver.


Thank you. I expect you’ll have an easier time of it since you have one to take dimensions from. The references I’m working with are not very accurate and some dimensions are just wrong so it’s taking a fair amount of forensic work to sort it out.

@Anssi, wow! That’s a neat piece to have.

Close to finished. A few small details remaining.


Now for some straw! Yeah we know what you’re up to.

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I don’t seem to be able to get it other ways. Maybe I’ll have luck with straw and this spinning wheel. :smiley:

That looks great Dave.

I’ve started mine too. So far I’ve modelled the wheel and all the turned parts. I wanted to get the fiddly components out of the way before constructing the rest from the bottom up. It’s surprising how much I’m learning as I go. Particularly follow me and accurately moving and placing geometry.

Thanks for the encouragement and happy Halloween.

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Thank you.

Good news on your wheel.FWIW, I modeled every part in place where it lives. That made placement easier and it guarantees that everything fits.

Good luck with yours and happy Halloween to you, too.

Looking forward to seeing yours.