Playing Fast and Loose

Morning SketchUp execise.

Still need to model the grub screw for the oiler tube in the loose wheel and add threads for the on the bolt on the fast wheel.


What sort of contraption are you building?


That’s to go with the lathe I modeled a while back.

Sweet! Love that smoothed cast iron look of the rounded flared connections between things . How about a little demo on blending the spokes with the rim?

Zooming in on the image shows that it is rounded. FredoCorner?


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Thank you.

Here’s the mesh where one spoke meets the rim.

Nope. In fact I didn’t use any of Fredo’s extensions at all in this one.

The spokes started out as a sort of round column made with Follow Me. It was scaled to flatten it and then I used Scale on the curves at the top to stretch them up to the rim. Of course I only needed to do a quarter of the column and then copy and flip to make the other three quarters.

The rim and hub are separate from the spokes. I could have combined them all but I didn’t want to lose the component-ness of the spokes as entities.