Dynamic Label Concept (numbers only)

Recently I started to deal with DC’s and surprised there are no dynamic label functions in it… Actually no labels at all, just something in LO. Until we get official support for that, I made a study and ended up with this:

Not fully developed, but it shows the concept.
In this example you can see a calculated area assigned to the label, but others can be implemented too. Beside other missing things, and possible mistakes unfortunately currently only the numbers are supported, no letters, or glyph even decimal point are there yet… only the pure [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0] numbers.

I’m not sure if I will to do more in the near future… :blush:

You can use, check, modify, criticism, hate, like or whatever do with it.
Dynamic Label Concept (numbers only)_v2014.skp (304.8 KB)
(You have to insert it via component browser or by drag&drop…)

Enjoy! :beers:
Ps: Use it at your own risk. There are no warranties.


Thank you for the information. It inspired me to create some symbols with dynamic text. I am going to attach a room label symbol with dynamic text. Please use at your own risk. I appreciate any feedback or improvements
Room Label.skp (310.9 KB)