Dynamic Components - Need to restart system to see options

There was a discussion about this a year ago (Dynamic Components assigned Options (X axes width) wont Show?).

Does anyone else still have this problem? Has anyone figured out how to get it to actually work correctly? Is Trimble going to fix it?

It is pretty frustrating that I have to restart my computer just to test my component… And it is very discouraging for people who are new to dynamic components, when they cannot successfully recreate the dynamic component from the most basic video tutorial.

When I get around to making a new DC, I think I will try to start with an existing one. Maybe then, the options will actually show up.

Try working with the DC with the Ruby Console Window open. You can move it out of the way while you work. When the DC Options dialog fails, see if there are any errors in the Ruby Console. Copy and Paste the errors here.

Paste errors between triple back tics like these

@DanRathbun maintains a topic on DC errors:

Thanks for the help. At the moment, it seems to be working. I just upgraded to the newest release, so maybe that fixed it.
If I have the problem again, I’ll be sure to get the error message from Ruby.

Thanks, again.