Component Options Window - Sporadic Execution

I’m using Sketchup Pro 2016 in Windows 10 64-bit. Very frequently my Component Options window fails to load my DC options. In other words, after selecting a DC using the Outliner window, the Component Options window is blank and does not display the option I created. The only remedy seems to be to close the model file, then re-open. It’s happening frequently enough to be a considerable time-waste. This bug needs a fix.

Make sure Internet Explorer is up to date.

You may be seeing a difference, based on how you bring in the DC.

To assure you get your options, right click and use the Save As command to export the DC (if you create the file), and then use the Import command to bring the DC into a model.

Open the Ruby Console window and then select the component with the options dialog open. I’m guessing you will see a “no method error” if so its a bug and there isn’t a lot you can do about it. It happens to me but I don’t know to make it happen.

See Dan’s post here:

Thank you for the replies. My IE is the latest version. I’ll try using the Import feature. Typically I just drag in DCs from a folder.