Dynamic Components Options Window Blank

After installing sketchUp 2015, the components options window and the attributes window appear blank !!
I can view the Extension warehouse window using the toolbar menu, but not the 3d warehouse.
Can somebody help please.
best regards

Update and clear the cache of Internet Explorer or Safari if you are mac.

I’m using chrome as my default browser and did a “clear cache”

still the components windows is blank.
Any other tip?

Sketchup uses Internet Explorer or Safari for Web dialogs no matter what your default browser is.

Already did the same “clean Cache” procedure in Internet Explorer following the instructions on the link

same result…
Do I need to restart my computer?

thanks in advance for the help.


Restarting SketchUp may help.

Make sure you have the latest version of DC installed from the Extensions Warehouse.

Open the Ruby Console window before opening the DC Dialogs, try selecting the DC, and see if any errors are shown in the Ruby Console.
Post errors here using the code tag button above: </>

I already try the following

  • restart the PC
  • Have install the latest DC extension (see pic)
  • no errors shown in the ruby console !!!
  • restart several times the Sketchup (also re-install the program two times, including deleting the extensions install on the previous installations)