Dynamic components issue

Hi there,
few days ago i decided to apply dynamic parameters to a bunch of tile displays as I made years ago with older ones. As I followd the same path in order to achieve same results, unfortunately they don’t work. So I try copying and pasting parameters from the old one to the new; it seems everything works, until I change even an only data and then it works no more!
To explain: I have an chest of drawers with 4 ones; select the first, attribute “position X”, add “onclick” with the needed string (animate"X" (0,20)).
Copy and pasting the old one, even only changing one of the value of animate “X”, it doesn’t work anymore!
Is maybe possible that newest skp release have some bugs with this feature?
I work with skp pro 2022 on Mac OS 13.2
Thank you in advance for your replay


It would help if you share the component file.

Please complete your profile with this information.

cassettiera doppia tozz:lastre.skp (7.7 MB)

Most of the times, this is related to the ‘smart quotes settings in the OS.
Check the keyboard settings and uncheck ‘use smart quotes’


The file name has a colon in it - “illegal” in MacOS.

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I don’t believe! I spent days in searching for a reason and in the end is a microscopic thing like this.
Now it works perfectely. Thank you very much Mike!


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I had the same issue and figured it out after watching this video.

You need to turn off Smart Quotation within your Mac OS keyboard settings. Once I did that, all of my issues related to programming Dynamic Comp disappeared. Hope his helps.

Within your Mac