Dynamic Component Issues

I am attempting to create a very simple dynamic component of a door that opens 90°.
I have inputted an onClick attribute with the command ANIMATE(‘‘RotZ’’,0,-90)
When I click the component with the interact tool, nothing happens.
I have made sure the issue with the inverted commas on Mac is rectified.

I have however noticed above the onClick command there is a “custom” field that has appeared. When I click the component with the interact tool the value in the custom field changes but the component does not move.

I have no idea why this is happening, can anyone help?

I also get this warning if I click on the custom field:


Your ROTZ is enclosed in smart quotes. Take a close look, they’re different.

Also, the name of your custom attribute shouldn’t contain ANY quotes.

Absolutely great, thank you.

That ‘Custom Attribute’ is automatically generated when using ‘smart quotes’ , you only get rid of it if you explode the component or remove it in an Attribute editor.