Dynamic component tutorial problem


I’m trying to learn how to make dynamic components using the tutorial from the 3D warehouse but seem to have run into a problem. I’m mainly trying to make doors that open & close using the “onClick” function, but the tutorial ran into a problem, I took a screen shot.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?



on a mac you first need to make sure ‘smart quotes’ are not enabled…

might not be your issue, just saying…



Thanks for the reply John, where would I find that?



Smart quotes is a system preference setting on Mac, choose system preferences, keyboard and the untick use of smart Quotes , because they will very likely interpret the quotes in the Dynamic Components wrong.


Right Click in any text box on a mac and click ‘Substitutions’ >> ‘Smart Quotes’…

you can deselect it if ticked, and it will change…

or change it in System Prefs for all text in all apps…

all the text boxes in SU need it off as it ruins code, especially if your using feet and inches…



Thanks Mike & John



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