Dynamic components help

Hi All,
I’ve been using Sketchup Pro now for about three years to design wine cellars. I’m 100% self taught so please excuse my naivety around this subject.
Most of the wine cellar racking I create is constructed within specific parameters and dimensions and up until now I just make everything as I go or make components. The racking is made up of a series of holes which run horizontal and vertical, constructing different combinations of these can be quite time consuming and I’m sure I could be making use of the Dynamic component function in some way to make my like a little easier.

Could someone please help me with this? I have watched a few youtube videos on the subject but I’m still struggling.

Any help to try and simplify things would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Please provide an image or the model so that we can understand the problem…

Hi Cotty,

Thanks for the speedy response. I’v attached a basic model of what I’m basically trying to achieve. I’m looking to be able to just click on the options and go from a one bottle setup to (for example) a ten wide by 10 high setup, there are 100’s of combination’s but this should give you a good idea of what I would like to achieve.Wine rack example.skp (529.3 KB)

There’s something wrong with the file link?

Sorry, not sure how to correct the file link. I’ll investigate and come back.

Yeah, I think there is a forum problem with file uploads, I’ve seen this several times today.

See if anyone can open this.Tester.skp (135.7 KB)

No, same error…19…20.

Same error here.

Hey everyone - this works for me now. Can others confirm?


@themitchells777, it’s not a simple task, but you will find some useful hints here: