I have a question in dynamic components

Hi every one
i’am using sketchup for woodworking n i make alot of joints every day
but when i want to change the size of the hole projects i have to make all joints all over again
so i wonderd if i can use the dynamic components to save the size of joints and change the size as i want for the object

Dynamic Components could save you time. Do you have a more specific example of something you do often and would benefit from some automation?

Short answer: yes,

Take a look at the sample door, window and cabinet components available in the 3D Warehouse. Basically the idea is that the component is built from subcomponents, and the parts that must remain the same size are set to do so in their parameters, and are connected to other parts that are allowed to stretch when the object is scaled.


sounds good
but how can i make something like this on my own

The ability to create Dynamic Components is a SketchUp Pro feature.

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For me, Erics video from the last Basecamp was helpful:


I am wondering if Sketchup has the ability or could have the ability to store a user variably which one could use to drive a dynamic component. I have used other software in the past which you could view properties and add rules - a similar thing as in the dynamic options. I found that you can do a custom attribute for the selected dynamic component but, how would one call these from other components. E.g. if box “A’s” variable for it length is 15 I want box “B’s” length to be for sake of an example 2 times 15 or 2 times the length of box “A”. Kind of a parent\child relationship.

It works if the components are embedded in a “parent” component.but not between separate objects. Separate components might be linkable with Ruby scripting.