Wine rack dynamic component

I understand a bit about sketch up and am try to use dynamic components more, I am trying to draw a wine rack so that when it scaled vertically or horizontaly it adds copies of components,

wine wall.skp (1.6 MB) image is included what I need to do, but it can be longer or taller. it is adding the formulae that I cant work out
any help would be appreciated greatly

You’ll have to organize your components, each one will COPY a certain amount of times based on Parent Component’s (Overall component) size.
Divider COPIES: = Parent!Z/150mm
Divider LenZ: Copy*150mm

So Copies determines how many times to copy
Copy# is each copied component, so depending on which copy# it is, you want it to be located at a different point.

Example file:
DC-Rope.skp (1.3 MB)

The work shouldn’t be done twice, for those who want to help…