Copying by scaling on X and Y axis

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I would like to ask someone how to make dynamic component which will copy object (roof tile) on X and Y axies depends on scaling?
I done X scaling but I have no more idea how to make Y as well :no_mouth:

Regards, Marta

Try this:

rwamoore…thank you for so fast reply. You solved my problem :heart_eyes: but I have last question…do you know how to set Z axis for every Y tile to 2 cm lower than previous? :no_mouth:

Same idea but you need to add a Z position attribute that changes based on copy as well… make the X row a sub component, then add Y & Z positions to it like you did for X & Y the first time.

It would really help if you could upload your DC file so others can see what you are doing and edit.

Dynamic components doesn’t want to work dynamic with me :no_mouth:
Headache.skp (29.1 KB)

I don’t know it’s something really difficult to my brain, can’t understand.
Here is my file if someone can still help me.

FYI don’t name your DCs with numbers, use letters (and numbers together if you want) so it doesn’t screw up the formulas if it is read as a number not a name. Here is your DC, it is a bit buggy/jumpy but it should get the concepts across just fine…
TYLENOL.skp (1.3 MB)


Saved as 2018.
TYLENOL.skp (2.2 MB)

How you know it all :astonished:? I will be more than happy if only I can help you in future with anything…thank you so much. I am reading all this manuals, watching tutorials and still it’s so enigmatic for me.
(Yes I named it before with names but there was polish language :no_mouth: )
Thanks one more time for your help rwamoore :slight_smile:

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