Dynamic components from SketchUp not working

I am using SU 2018 Pro. Dynamic components provided by SketchUp are not working. I loaded the dynamic component “Tile Grid” that comes with SketchUp. I open the “attributes” window and it shows attributes. I open the “options” window and I get this error message.

If I create a dynamic component myself (a very simple one consisting of a box with one attirbute added: “LenX”, it seems to work OK. I canput a value in for LenX and the box lengthens appropriately.

What could be going on with the components that were supplied with SU 2018 Pro?

What happens if you stop SketchUp and start again?

Check the version of Dynamic Components extension you have, and what the latest is in the Extension Warehouse. Update if a newer version is available.

The problem stays the same.

Extension Manager says it is updated. How can I check the version?

Expand the details (using the > button on the right) for the extension in the Extension Manager.

Then compare with the version advertised in the extension’s EW product page …
… which says the latest version is 1.6.0

I checked. I have the latest version, 1.6.0, installed. However, the dynamic components that came from Trimble when I installed SU 2018 give the error message that I posted. What could be going on?

Try repairing the installation. Find the installer exe, right-click it and choose “Run as administrator”.
Inside the installer start dialog choose “Repair”.

Then restart SketchUp, and update the DC extension again. Restart SketchUp.

When I ran the installer, I got this error message


The problem you’re seeing happens if you are on Windows, and your SKP name starts with a lowercase U. Make it start with any other letter, even uppercase U, and it will be ok.

There is a bug logged about this, and I’ve pushed to get it fixed, but with this easy workaround it isn’t being counted as a high priority.

The problem occurs because in the full path you have “\u”, which is taken to mean that the next characters are Unicode. It could also happen with any file name, if you have your Windows Users folder named as users instead of Users.