Dynamic Components bar

Hello, suddenly the Dynamic Components bar shows up with black icons (SU Windows10), I tried to restart several times but the problem remains, can anyone tell me how to fix the problem

Dynamic components is a plugin that is included by default on sketchup pro, all the tools were changed with version 2023.1, probably sandbox has a different look as well if you’ve updated it recently.

Maybe I inadvertently upgraded it to the 2023 version, what do you advise me to do?

nothing for the moment
could it be that a recent upgrade of the extension broke the colour of the buttons ? maybe. could be. if so, wait for the next upgrade.
The CD extension has indeed updated its icons, and apparently they are broken on your SU21

the true question here is, do the buttons still work despite their change ?

if they do, then you’re fine, just wait for a fix / update in the future for the cosmetic aspect of things.
if they don’t, now that’s a problem, a big one :slight_smile:
ping to @colin - not sure if it’s a DC problem or an icon problem, but it’s a visual one :slight_smile:

You haven’t upgraded to 2023, only the icons of plug-ins have been updated, the native tools still have the previous look, if you have a subscription license you could upgrade to the latest version so you have all the tools with the style of the DC tools, anyways sketchup 2021 will lose support for online features next year. If you have a permanent license there’s nothing you can do to change it, there have been some complaints about the new design of the tools, but it’s impossible to know if they’re going to be redesigned or keep the current look.