2 problems with Dynamic Components Extension

  1. The DC Ext. was part of my Toolbar at top of screen. Consisting of 3 icons: Interact, Component Options and Components Attributes. All of a sudden it has disappeared! Meaning: Interact can only be activated via Tools pulldown, both others - C.Opt & C.Att - are listed under Window pulldown.

  2. So I tried to follow procedure as mentioned in earlier, simular issues: uninstall Dynamic Comp Ext. via Extension Manager, save, restart SU, re-install DC Ext. But after re-starting SU: DC Ext. was still in my Ext. Manager with ā€˜enabledā€™ status.

Q1: what did I do wrong?
Q2: can I get the DC Toolbar back in the top of my screen?

I USE SKETCHUP PRO 2023 - version 23.1.340 - 64-bit

Hope any of you can help.

Right click on a space in the top toolbar and select the dynamic component toolbar from the list.
Or go View/Toolbars and tick Dynamic Components.

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I almost feel ashamedā€¦ even embarrassedā€¦ Why did I not think of that final option myselfā€¦? I tried all the othersā€¦ EVEN the View/Toolbars and tick DC option (!) But after ticking itā€¦ it simply did not appear in the top toolbarā€¦! I even checked abt 50 SU discussions on a simular issueā€¦
But clickin on a space in the top toolbar made it all appear againā€¦ Even the ticking in View/Toolbars has somehow been restored. Ticking/unticking works properly again. I guess the must be a little bug in the way somewhere along the lineā€¦
Thanks againā€¦ Great helpā€¦!

I found myself with the same issue and I was looking around and looking around but couldnā€™t find anything how to fix it until I got to this forum the way I fixed my issue with the dynamic company bar now showing up was simply going to extension manager and activate the extension Dynamic component is very confusing the disabled and a naval button but if the bar disappear you can go back in there and activate the company again and weā€™ll show up like this for me that might work for you too