Buttons of TNT Click Change 1 plugin

Hi, I recently downloaded and installed TNT Click Change 1 plugin but some function buttons are not available which are displays in tutorials.

A screenshot I attached here. The 3 buttons highlighted in red square on Top-Right of the screen I did not get.

How can I get those buttons?

That is the default Dynamic Components toolbar.

Dynamic Component authoring is not included in SketchUp Make (BTW, the newest Make version is 2017, not 2021). Make only has the Interact and DC Options functions.

Their profile says Make and 2021 which is impossible.
So I’m just pointing out what the toolbar in their image is.

Tried to install the Dynamic Components toolbar in 2021 pro version. Installing done. it displays on extension manager. But toolbar not displays.

Your profile’s version doesn’t exist - please correct it…

Exactly what is your Dynamics Components toolbar ?
Have you looked under ‘Toolbars’ and activate its toolbar ?

This is the result.

Not sure what is going on and still (as others mentions) not sure what version you are running, but why do you want the toolbar? Is there something that you are trying to do that is not working through the comtext menus?

Do you see error messages in the Ruby console when opening SketchUp? Is something, another plugin perhaps, preventing Dynamic Components to run?

Sounds like a faulty install.
Find (or download a new copy) the original installation .exe select it, right click and choose Run as Administrator, follow the prompts and when given the option select Repair. Once done restart your computer.