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Hello All, I am following a 2014 Base Camp tutorial on creating dynamic components:
3D Basecamp 2014: Dynamic Components, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, Eric Schimelpfenig
I immediately receive this error message when I right click>select Dynamic Components>Attributes.
I tried from the tool bar icon and the same thing happened.

I am at the 20:00 minute mark and this is the 3rd step of the video. Create two parts, the bottom and side, re-assign axes, then create a wrapper for those two components, with its axes set to match theirs. He right clicks and can start changing / assigning.
I get WHAMO’ED. I have no idea what this means. He mentioned that Dynamics have issues and closing Sketch Up and re-opening should correct it. I have re-opened a NEW file twice and get the same issue / message. PLEASE HELP as I am clueless…Thanks in advance…Peace…

This is what his looks like upon the right click>select Dynamic Components>Attributes


Have you updated the Dynamic Components extension through the Extension Warehouse? Try that and see what happens. Let me know.


DaveR is the man folks and I never would have looked to update the tools to fix this issue…Peace…


Well, think about it. If there is a bug, the usual way (for the programmers) to fix it is to deploy a newer version.
The only way for you to get newer version is to update.

The Extension Warehouse toolbar button will show you an orange circle with circling arrows overlaid upon the ruby gem when there are updates available for your extensions installed via Trimble’s Extension Warehouse.

This image from the Extension Warehouse User Guide shows the button with the “updates available” overlay.
(Second button form the right end on the Getting Started toolbar.)


Thanks for the additional information regarding this. I was so fixed on learning a new and bit confusing aspect. That what I was/am considering a native tool even though only active with a Pro license. Needed to be updated as if it where something from an outside author. Also having gotten familiar with the shortcut keys I do not have the Getting Started Tool bar active. Other then the large Ruby Icon that appears and I have set to check every 15 day for Ruby script update. I did not know that the " orange circle with circling arrows overlaid upon the ruby gem when there are updates available for your extensions" was indicating updates available.
Then again I am most likely wrong but also like many others out here. Would consider Dynamic Components a native tool. As it is packed with the install and not brought in by the user. Also to add just before I attempted this, the presenter in the Basecamp Tutorial had an issue getting to the options / attributes dialog. He mentioned twice to close S-Up and re-open to get Dynamic Components to behave properly. As even he who use’s them in his workflow has issue with them on accession. Never mentioned try updating tools.
All is good and I am glad I am able to learn something new everyday. I guest they are NOT considered native tools and only by DaveR (the man!!) pointing me in that direction did it get fixed. I must not have been paying attention when I did the update all bundle when I upped my license to 2017. That I skipped over them… LIVE and LEARN…Peace…
Dave’s the man!!!


You can copy that single button to a toolbar of your choice (or a custom toolbar.)

SketchUp User Guide

This lecture was 3 years ago. Looking for an update to the software should be the very first logical step.

Does the issue that the lecturer had, even still exist in the recent versions of the DC extension ?


I have marked this post as complete. The recommendation DaveR replied with had allowed me to move forward with what was limiting me.
I choose to follow a 3 year old Base camp lecture on Dynamic Components that I have never spent any time with and have no knowledge of. Has this material been deprecated since then?? As I am learning about these you tell me. Will a more recent tutorial on the very basics of Dynamic Components for someone who never built one. Include or mention that you should update your software before attempting to follow along with the video??
My intent was not to find a solution to update software by learning a tools features. But thanks for the tool bar tips and where to go before posting to the forum. When the day come that we all know everything we wont have to waste time with forums or newbie issues.
I hope he does a 2018 Base camp on Dynamic Components: Dynamic Components, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, Eric Schimelpfenig and the issue arises. I will let you know then…
Till then…Peace…
(Dave’s the man!!)


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