Dynamic components don't work


I am from belgium so forgive me if i typ som errors

I wont to rty to make som dynamic components,
I kan create one whit attributes but i kant do nothing in options,
I dont even see somting in options

“Click on the Details button to the right of the attribute you want to make end-user configurable. A drop-down list of display rules appears…”


i dit this al reddy,

users can edit as a textbox
and i apply
nothing is changing in options

How do you open the dialogs? Via the icons or via selecting a component and then via the rightclick-context menu?

Try this:
Disable the Dynamic Component extension in the Extension manager (Menu:Extensions)
Then Quit Sketchup.
Restart SketchUp.
Rightclick on a component and choose Dynamic Components>Options

Hard to respond to “Dynamic components don’t work” … because they clearly do work … and oftentimes are incredibly useful. And in some situations Dynamic Components are the perfect solution.

But Dynamic Components are not for the faint of heart … and oftentimes the documentation is less than helpful … but at least it is a start.


So … what are you trying to achieve?

Can you be a bit more specific?

it works, thank you.