Dynamic Component menu missing

Using SketchUp 16.1.1451 OSX

Did I miss something?


I just downloaded the update to SketchUp (16.1.1452) onto my Macbook, and then checked the View menu.

In my case the Dynamic Component option does show up on the list.

I’d hate to make suggestions which waste your time—but I think if I were in your position I’d be thinking about trying to reinstall SketchUp.

Maybe, as a preliminary of trying to avoid that, I’d turn off all of the Plugins, reboot the computer, and restart SketchUp, and possibly hope for the best.

Here’s a screen capture of how the SU app reads in my File Info report.

Do you currently get the same file size that I report here?

… and here’s the part where I express my embarrassment at offering the Developer of LightUp, rather standard and basic advice… which he surely knows a lot better than I ever did. Go and figure.

I guess that’s what I get for not looking at your profile beforehand, Mr. AdamB.

Hi Jim

Thanks for checking.

Turns out the Dynamic Component Extension had become unchecked - and I certainly didn’t uncheck it - so not sure what happened.

A number of times I’ve have had LightUp users find settings flipped on/off and are certain they’ve not done it… Is that possible?


Via the API yes. This is how the SketchUcation PluginStore extension can control extensions, for example.

See the API docs on the SketchupExtension and ExtensionsManager classes.

Also with the latest version (2016) of SketchUp, we now have Loading Policy. If the policy is changed, to something more restrictive, the users may find some extensions do not load the next time SketchUp is started.

But, the DynamicComponents extension should have a security hash, and load even in the most restricted mode.

Perhaps some error in one of the loading extensions caused a hiccup in the new load loop ?