Dynamic component bug?

I am currently running a trial of Pro so as to get myself used to Dynamic Components to discover if it is a viable purchase.

However, I just started by running through some basic skill-builder videos on Youtube and have discovered that there appears to be a bug and when trying to create a dynamic cube as per the video, when setting a custom attribute ( size ) to basically adjust all Len dimensions equally and therefore keep a cube by just entering one attribute cm/inches give out opposing results.

Example…All my dimensions in ketchup or metric and I work in MM, so I, therefore, use CM in the creation of DC’s but when I have the custom attribute ( size) set to cm or mm the output in the sketch up component and the relevant SketchUp options box for an end-user to edit becomes inches and when I change it to inches it then becomes mm.

Any advice on me potentially missing something or is this a bug that needs fixing.

Eager for a rapid response, especially getting to the bottom of this before my trial ends and still get some proper functionality out of the trial.


make sure window\model info, units. display units format is ticked


Excellent, changing the display to mm in the custom attribute done it.
Thanks. I’ll probably be back with something else in no time. :smile: