Dxf or dwg export

hi everyone.
I am trying to export dxf or dwg of only one selected component from whole project. is it possible? for example if I need dxf of side panel of one specific cabinet . I just select the side panel of the cabinet and export just it. … thanks

Copy that component to a new file and export from there. Or, if you like to live a little more on the edge, delete everything in the model except the component of interest, make the export and undo the Delete operation.

thanks I hoped there would be sort of plugin for it to make it quicker. thanks

I don’t know or any plugin that would do it but delete, export, undo wouldn’t take that long. You can use keyboard shortcuts for much of it.

yes I know just the projects are getting huge and so I am trying to save even an finger moving. :grin: thanks.

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