Multiple faces export to DXF

Hello everyone! Im the new user of Sketchup Pro 2020 (so far SU Make 2017 User).

In sketchup Make I used an extension to export DXF files. Since I bought the Pro version I thought that it will be easier now to export faces to different DXF files since its a built in feature of version pro. Aaaaanddd… Not sure :smiley:

This is my stairs model. What I do after my model is finished is export each face and send them to different companies. Steel beams to the welder, glass to another factory and wooden elements to another carpenter. In Make I had to export each face individually and afterwards I had to open DXF files in CADReader, mark the dimensions on some of the files (sometimes export to PDF) and then send them out.

I hope Ill be able to prepere PDF files with dimensions in LayOut but what about DXF files? Do I still need to export each face individually? Is there any better way? Right now Im struggling even to export each glass in separate file. There is not much on the topic on YT. Hence question :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “faces”? Do you mean element?

One obvious way of managing your drawing would be to have steelwork on one Tag, and timber and glass elements on their own Tags too. Then you could create scenes that only show one element at a time (or all together for clarity).

Why are you needing to convert to DXF (instead of, say, DWG)?

Thanks for your input.

When doing it in Make2017 I used to take each glass and flip it 90* so if I switch the look to the TOP Id see the shape of glass in exact way it needs to be exported. After that I had to click on the face I want to export and go to the extension I had installed. Thats how I got out the shape of each “element” :slight_smile:

I know nothing about tags but will do some reading about it, may be usefull.

There is no particular reason - I’ve been using DXF for years, I guess DWG could be as effective?

For me its all about speeding up the process. If exporting it manually with a plugin is still faster than with default Sketchup feature I might as well go back to it.

I presume those you are sending the DXF files to have CAD themselves and so are able to open the files. I ask because I do very similar work and I rarely come across a fabricator that accepts CAD files. I normally send PDFs. That means you can use Layout. In fact, I think you can export to DXF/DWG from Layout so I wonder if you have tried doing that? You might set up the usual orthogonal 2D views as scenes in SU and then send them to LO.

Tags, or Layers as they used to be called in SU, are pretty crucial for drawing management. Add in the Outliner and you have an amazing degree of control over what you show and how.

One reason for not sending CAD files is that your design can more easily be stolen or altered in a way you never intended.

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Oh I never thought about it! Thank you!

They indeed accept PDF files. For me it was difficult to get PDF file out of each element so I should look into LO asap. Might not need to export to DWG/DXF after all!

I think your life is about to change for the better!

LO is getting more powerful each year. Whilst I am used to setting up scenes in SU and sending them to LO, you can do most of that directly in LO. You do need to make sure the drawing is displayed in Parallel Projection for this kind of thing of course.

Because I use a Mac, exporting the final thing to PDF is a doddle since you select it as a print option. But I daresay it is not that much harder on a PC.