Best practice for exporting a single face of one component in a large model, for CNC purposes?

I need to export several faces of a large model containing many components to multiple DXFs, so that we can make them convert them into tool paths for CNC routing…
What is the best practice for this?

My results:
I can’t seem to rotate objects to snap to their “front” view…
Every component in drawing is being exported to my DXF, not just the one I have selected.


Enter group and select face, right click “align view”.
You can put those face selections onto a separate layer and only have that layer visible when exporting to avoid rest of model showing up. Not sure of your model but you could perhaps copy these elements to a separate area of the model and then arrange to fit on a sheet and export that (as a separate visible layer) ?

You can also copy a face and paste it into a new document (requires launching another copy of SketchUp on Windows, just a new window on Mac), and Paste in Place if you want a SU document with just that one piece.

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