Need help with method for exporting multiple parts for CAM software


Whenever I finish a design, I go through and copy and paste the faces of each part into a separate area, select them all and use an extension to export them as a dxf. Everything in my model is cut out of plywood on a 3-axis CNC router, so I’m only interested in the 2d faces of the individual components.

Is there a method using SketchUp that would be less sloppy? Like, if I go back and change my original design I have to copy and paste the 2d faces again, which adds time and increases the chances I’ll make some stupid mistake. Is there some way that I can set these up so they dynamically update if I modify the original parts?

Here’s an example of a project I’m working on:


You can use copies of components to keep the flat parts up to date.

At the end, you can use a group of contours created from a section cut to get a 2D representation.


Ok, this works! Thanks!

Turns out the .dxf export extension I was using didn’t really work all that well with 3d parts, but I found out I can do a top down parallel projection view then export a 2d image as .dxf. This gives me exactly what I need for my CAM software.

Another question: is there a quick way to set all selected parts to the same Z level? Copying and pasting, then doing rotations, then manually moving each part along the Z axis can take some time with a complex model. Anything that can save me some time would be awesome! :slight_smile:


change your component axis to suit being laid down ‘flat’…
then instead of copy/paste, drag in a new on from the component browser…


… and go to the bottom view instead of the top, when exporting ?