Right approach for design to be exported to 2D

I am designing a part in 3D which needs later to sent to a 2d laser cutter (in dxf format)

once I have the part with say 40 components I cant see how to I export separately parts other than saving all the 40 components separately.

Perhaps I have a misconception of the work flow ?
Is there a to design a part in another approach so later on 2D export is possible from selected components?



First please complete your profile, with the correct version of SketchUp that you are using and the graphics card you are using.
As to the question: If indeed you are using components and groups, you can export " the selected item". I suspect you are a new user, if so start at The Learning Center and The SketchUp You Tube Channel Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.