Export (STL) only one component?

I have a sketchup design that has several features and separate items. Only a few of those are what I need to print. What is the best way to print components (I’ve made the parts into components) one at a time? I also need to re-orient them so they print right-side up.
I’m new to this…
I’ve uploaded the file if it helps. The red and green buttons, plus the flat plate are the things that I need to print.

DeWalt Power Button.skp (882.4 KB)

Save as a copy >> delete unwanted >> reposition needed >> export STL…


The easiest way in a Desktop version of SU is first to select just the components you want to export, then use the File/Export/ 3D model/ - select the Format as STL, then click [Options] which gets you this dialogue.

And check Export only current selection.

Are you using Make, or the web based Free version? Your profile says Make (desktop), without a year version, but your model has the Sketchup logo, which suggest the web Free version (which doesn’t have a year, as it is continually updated).

I’m not familiar enough with the web version to be sure, but it probably has similar options for STL export.

I did have a quick look, but couldn’t immediately see how to do an STL or any other form of export.

John - thanks. Yes I am using the free web-based version. Apparently it does not have the dialog box you do. When you click on “Export”, you select the file type, that’s it. No options.
What I did was just copy each component, created a new design, pasted, repositioned, and exported. Looks good, not too many steps. Thanks for the reply.

Good to know you have a solution.

If you need to do this again often, you might well find it worthwhile to download the desktop version Make 2017 from https://help.sketchup.com/en/downloading-older-versions

Like the web based Free version, it is free for non-commercial use. 2017 is the latest Make version available, and will probably not be updated in future.

Could you please update your profile to indicate which version of SU you are actually using - it makes it easier for those on the forum to help you more quickly.

The desktop versions have for me, and others, the HUGE advantage of being able to use plugins to extend SU’s ease of use, and sometimes to make possible things that can’t be done with reasonable effort using just the native tools.