Dxf Model Import

hi! I am having trouble importing a dxf model. It seems to come in okay but it is only a wireframe. Is there something I could ask the autocad modeler to do so that it comes in as solid surfaces?
Thanks! Heather

That is either normal, or at least common. I tried S4U Make Face on your file, and could quickly go into each group and fix a lot of faces in on go:


Thank you Colin! I downloaded the SKU Make Face. And I can see how on a smaller model this could be an okay fix. However… it could be a Loooooooong process on a more complex model. Are there any other solutions?
- Maybe from the export side?

You could try a different format as the export from autocad, try using .dwg. Sketchup 2019 has better autocad sketchup compatibility, maybe upgrade? Also does the original model have faces or is it wire frame only?