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Hello Sketchup masters. I have been trying to do a photomatch to make a mockup for some building letters, and I gave up photomatching for now, and decided to make a render of the building by eye. Not meant to be accurate, just a representation. I need to adhere a DXF logo to the concrete strip on the bottom of the building, one on each side of the lower corner. SO I made a decent size DXF and tried to import it into my model and cannot find it…The building is approximately the correct real size. Perhaps it’s so small I can’t see it? I hace so many hours and a hundred tries to try and make a simple mockup. Is there anyone out there that can help me get past the goalpost? Here is the current hand drawn SKP and the logo as a DXF. Any help would save me hours of tedium. I have Windows 10 and Sketchup Pro 2020.
SELF MODEL.skp (458.3 KB)
Z-HOPE-METAL.dxf (501.2 KB)

When you import something, look first at Origin (0,0,0)


I also tried to inport a car from 3D Warehouse and it doesn’t show either. Did you happen to see the logo that says “Hope Cafe”? It has a corporate icon in the middle. Thankyou for the blazing fast response. Robbie

Maihi, I had used the front corner as my origin, and am surprised to learn it is on the opposite side. Will I be able to adhere the logo on the other end on the transam area? Thankyou agin for saving me a ton of time and frustration. R

Click on that white triangle and see the video

I did see it,didn’t know it was a video. After I saw it, I went back to my model and tried again. File, import, it said completed. But I looked everywhere with a microscope and cannot find it, The car I found, but not the logo. Here is the SKP after I re-imported the DXF logo. Thankyou for your time. Can you please send it back as an SKP? R
DXF ISSUE-2-SKP.skp (692.3 KB)

Why did you import the dxf again if I showed you in the video that it is there and how can you find it?

Look carefully again at the previous video and at this one

Check the units you are using to import the DXF. They might be too small.

I have no idea what “units” means. I assume it could be mm or inches…But not sure. I give up

“units is short for “units of measure”. In other words, feet, inches, centimeters, millimeters and so on. Everyone is stressing this because if you import something one inch square into a model the size of the Empire State Building it’s easy to lose track of the small object.

Thankyou for that info…I assumed that’s what it meant. But wasn’t sure. I appreciate your time and expertise. R

@roborizino , please update your forum profile with the correct information.
This has been asked before and explained to you that the correct information helps us to help you!!

I don’t know how to update my profile. Can you tell me how? Thanks, Robbie

Click on the R up at the top right, go to preferences, go to profile, make changes, hit save.

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Thankyou Royce…I didn’t know it was that easy. Robbie

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The Import dialog for DWG or DXF files has a huge Options button on it. It opens a dialog where you can choose what real life dimensions the numbers in the DWG/DXF file correspond to. The default is Feet. Ideally the model you import should be made to full scale so you would choose the unit that the creator of the file used. In your case, it looks that the text you import was created rather small, possibly from an illustration application, so you could choose a big unit like Meters.

Thankyou Anssi, you are easy to talk to and I appreciate that. I have other items in my skill set that confound people, and am not that patient when they mistakes. So I learn from you that being a gentleman comes first. Thx, Robbie

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Anssi, I clicked on the red “R” on the upper right hand corner of my community page, then the 3 horizontal lines. Nothing says preferrences. Also the dropdown below the red “R” makes no mention of preferences. I must be doing something wrong.

Click on the red “R” then click on the little person on the far right and you’ll get the drop down menu with preferences

Why not use the SketchUp 3D text tool (in the large tool set) with an extrusion value of your choice, select the font, (any in your PC), size and place the resulting text, (you’ll need a face to place it on) in the 3D text window then scale the word (s) to the correct size in the x-y and the z directions?

FYI, you can set a negative or zero extrusion as well.

I’d draw a rectangle (and group it) of the intended overall size as a reference
3D text has the capability to control the lettering size in the 3D Text window
You can double click on a single letter to make it editable and moveable : they are separate entities with-in a component. The “w” was moved in this example.