Importing a DXF logo issue

I tried posting this question a few hours ago, but I don’t see it on the community site. I was tld how to make a DXF logo into a usable entity. I followed instructions and drew a line inside each letter, and when I did, it would turn white and become an “object”. Where the problem lies is it only works on straight block letters, a curved letter like an “O” or a “C” chops off bites of the letters and makes them unusable… Other than that issue, I think I can "place the logo onto the building, then push pull it to the desired thickness, and paint it. Anyone know how to correct the issue of not being able to remove the lines in the rounded letters without causing them to get mangled? I hope it will show in this file. Thankyou in advance. Robbie

You have either imported the DXF aat a very small scale or scaled the sign since bringing it into Sketchup… I measure your overall sign as 43mm long [less than 2" in your units].

This also applies to your facade images… I measure it at only 8" high…

Sketchup has limitations in modelling very small dimensions, suggest you check you scale setting when importing the DXF… and bring it in much larger, eg real world dimensions… I hesitate to mention a scale because I cannot get my head around your funny imperial units.

Once I rescaled your file the problems went away

PS it seems you have also imported your DXF 14 times, (there at 14 components of the dxf) you only need 1 at the correct real world dimensions…

Hope that helps

I edited your file into an assumed real world model to give you an idea of how it should be organised


a few other things to be mindful of…

  • Purge your file regularly
  • every object should be a separate group or component tagged appropriately
  • all raw geometry should be untagged
  • set profiles to 1 to see the outlines of curved objects
  • understand smoothing for curved objects
  • understand front and back faces, especially for anything that will be rendered
    Note: I kept a 2d version of your sign as well as the new 3d model… for signage it is a good idea to keep a 2d version as it is quicker to edit the outline while only in 2d.

Please complete your profile… what version of Sketchup are you using?

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Thankyou Gary…I use inches and feet usually, but think metric is better for almost everything. I think you are saying that my original photomatch outcome should be enlarged to a real world size? And also the dxf should be closer to it’s final approximate size? What worries me is that the last file I posted was 15.6MB, just under the maximum size. Perhaps there is an easier way to create a link that allows attaching? Either way, I really appreciate your attention to my amateur woes. Have an amazing day. Robbie

thanks… I forgot to check but I suspect your file size is coming from the facade images you are using… they often are the culprit in files… I would expect a 1200 pixel image jpg would be fine for your task if you can just resample in photo editing software before importing… not at my PC but will check after lunch… and yep… your model imports are just too small for Sketchup…

PS just checked… you images (2 facades) are ~3100x3100… resize them by 50% and will still be fine for this task

I use this handy extension called Goldilocks Textures to identify impact of images in a file

it shows the file resolution and under it the oversize factor for the size it is in the model - in this case almost 11 times bigger than needed in this scene

even when I zoom into the sign are it is still telling me it is 2.3 times oversized

Actually I am having trouble reducing your file size…
how did you create the facades images? in PhotoMatch? they are CYMK files

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