DXF exporting to Vectric Aspire

It’s 2024.
Windows 11.
DXF export fails with Vectric Aspire.

What exactly are you trying to do? Is it Vectric Aspire that fails? Did you ask on their forum?

Export lines in dxf format for vectoring, as I’ve done for many, many years now. However, I’m no longer able to use that simple, functional dxf exporter from guitar-list.
Not sure why Sketchup dxf’s don’t work, but Aspire simply says:

“Cannot set CTABLESTYLE to that value. Do you want to continue processing the file?”
I try to complete, and Vectric simply fails to recognize neither 3D nor 2D graphics exported in the selected .dxf format.

This is not an Aspire problem. This is only an issue when using Sketchup’s File dropdown to export. Never was able to make it work right in the past, but when it was available, the Guitar-list dxf plugin for Sketchup was simple, fast, and flawless.

GKWare Simple DXF is indicating non-compatibility with my current systems. (windows 11, SU 2024)
Open Cut List seems to be far more involved and complex.
Fabber CNC - think I’ve tried in the past, but not sure if it was a bad fit(?)
SKema 2d Projection is not showing compatibility with 2024.

I guess I’m stumped on why it’s so hard to simply grab a few lines, export as a dxf and carry on with my work. Old computer locked up yesterday, and I’m desperately trying to get back to production.

Just contacted GKWare’s website, as they at least indicated a newer version of that extension is available there, so maybe they can help.

You must be ahead of your time as SketchUp 2024 has not yet been released.
Post a model and/or a DXF file that fails.

Sketchup version I’m using was downloaded today = I’m thinking 2024. It is, in fact, Sketchup 2023.

This is one of the many attempts at generating a usable .dxf file. I believe this is one where I edited the part, selected the perimeters for cutout (all surfaces excluded), though I’ve received same results by simply selecting the entire component:
.50 MDF Cherry cutout.dxf (1.9 MB)
In order to keep the file small, the component in question has been saved as an isolated item:
Cab back isolated.skp (149.8 KB)

Thank you for your assistance!

The DXF opens without problems in Autodesk TrueView. But have you exported a Perspective view or are the parts not rectangular? The view is clearly a 2D representation of a 3D view and the parts are not to scale.

I add a 2D DXF from the file you posted. It too works perfectly in Autodesk.
Cab back isolated.dxf (72.9 KB)

OKay, getting somewhere now. I had no problem opening your attached file in Aspire. Betting it has something to do with perspective view, as you mentioned.
Would you be so kind as to outline the quick steps you took to sucsessfully generate that file? I’m certain I’m missing one simple detail that’s throwing me off here, like going to parallel camera projection(?).
Thank you again for your efforts!


Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view.

Excellent. Got it. Thank you both very much.
I’m literally back in business now!

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