DXF 3D export


I am trying to export DXF 3D 2007 file but the dimensions are messing up in the exported file. I see that there is no problem in SKP and STP files. I am using Sketchup Go.

Please suggest a solution.

Thank you

You can see nice dimensions in 2D file but there is something wrong in 3D.

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

What is your annotative scale in AutoCad? I wonder if the font size is set correctly for 1:1
Can you share the SketchUp file and the DWG or DXF?

Fixture mold 2 (1).skp (111.8 KB)
Fixture mold 2 (1).dxf (2.3 MB)

Thank you for trying to resolve the problem guys.

Now I remember seeing this before. Exported MTEXT objects have their text height set in two ways, both at the MTEXT object level and at character level inside the text object. I think it is a bug or a wrong setting in the part of the exporter that users cannot control.

A workaround would be to select all text in AutoCad, explode them into DTEXT objects and set their text height in the object properties.

Hello Anssi,

Thank you so much for your support and I just got a reply from the Sketchup support team.

So font sizes in the 3D model space are static. they never change size. To demonstrate this, open your model file and zoom WAY in on the model. Now, in comparison to the actual model size, the font will be small. Zoomed way in like this, you could fit the text from one of your dimensions completely inside one of the small holes in the model…see that?

Now start zooming out…you will see that the text is getting larger compared to the model. If you zoom WAY out so the model is tiny, you will see that the text is so large compared to the model file now, that it completely blocks out the model.

When you are working on something as small as you are, and you are using a 12 pt font, as you are, it looks fine while zoomed in on the model. But when you export it, now the model is tiny, but the font stays large. This is what you are seeing.

With parts as small as this, it is going to be difficult. You could try a tiny font in the model file, but I went all the way to a 1pt font and it was still to big.

This is a limitation of the Web Application. In the Pro Desktop version, you can switch from using “Pt” sizes for text, to using “Height” for text, and then the text scales better with the model. Unfortunately, you only get Pt sizes in the Web Application.

Again, I think the best bet is to export the geometry only, and then add the dimensions and text in CAD. Or you can try adjusting the Font Size in Cad After the export, but you may end up needing to move it around.

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