DWG Import off Axes

Ok SKP Community, much has been discussed on the Import DWG Topic. Have elected to start a new thread to “distill” and simplify the challenge I’ve been wrestling with for years.

A DWG Import does NOT hold Axes.

The Style By-Axes shows in Black all geometry that does not follow Axes.

Much time has been vested checking for “flat” imported geometry in addition to alternate workflows. Still no rational solution.

I’ll suggest we “focus” on the exterior corner steps that form a “corner” on the attached house DWG’s rear terrace.

AutoCad says that these steps are EXACTLY 90 degrees at the corner. Still; I cannot import these corner steps perpendicular to each other. Similar condition occurs with a lot other imported geometry.

Enclosed please find the unaltered DWG file.

Is there a calculation (math) limit applied by SKP when importing CAD files?


CAD.dwg (4.2 MB)

You have to draw exactly in Autocad, it’s not 90 degrees at the corner

BINGO! Awesome! Thank You! My Mistake.

The original AutoCad is off. I gave up AutoCad many years ago. Currently using clone DWG CAD software and Auto-Desk Viewers which apparently don’t offer enough decimals when addressing precision.

Thanks for the confirmation.


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Don’t ya love autocad … NOT…

I was given an entire urban layout where many of the road intersections were not 90 degrees… just like this… and many were not even the same discrepency… which also meant many of the individual lots were not 90 degrees… which meant that many of the building setbacks were not 90 degreess

drove me crazy, and will probably drive others crazy for a few more millennium:)

You’re welcome, ninoalva!

gsharp, Autocad (Draftsight, Nanocad, etc.) is an excellent program(s), a pleasure to learn and work with, and then you just have to be careful when drawing.

You had better check what is off, the drawing or the reality. I know cases where the 19th century surveyors haven’t been too careful about their work, and the actual city is off by some fractions of a degree. And you can see variations of how builders and designers have dealt with it by watching how the facades fail to meet exactly on adjacent lots.

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Well it was a new urban layout… did not exist in reality :slight_smile:

Thanks again @mihai.s. Used DraftSight for a myriad of years but it is no longer free. Seems that we no longer “own” software. We now “rent” it. Currently using NanoCad.


Dearest @Anssi; Agreed! Drafted drawings will NEVER match As-Built Conditions. Construction Tolerances, Materials Deviation, Field Conditions and such.

This has been a “medular” topic in the Technical Drafting Profession: Do we reflect Real-World Conditions or do we show “intent”? Where do we draw the line (no pun intended) when it comes to “precision”?

It’s a matter of the selected personal workflow.


And after an 18year commitment to SKP, still can’t fathom how is it that my consultants and clients hold-on to the 40+ year old DWG format.


Autocad does true curves