DWG import configure button inactive

SU 2020.1.228, OS X 10.15.4, MacBook Pro 16" 2018:
When importing a DWG file, the Configure button is unresponsive and I am unable to change any import settings. Does anyone have any ideas about whay might be going on?

You have to change the format to “AutoCAD Files (*.dwg, *.dxf)” before the “Configure” button is enabled.

If it’s set to “All Supported Types”, it would let you open the file but not configure import settings.

Thanks, but that’s not the problem. It’s worked for me for the last 19 years but has stopped working in this latest version. I’m guessing it’s not a known issue so must be a problem elsewhere in my system.

There was something similar a few versions back, where the options was actually hidden beyond the format field. Clicking the litlle dropdown arrow solved it.
Can you post a picture?

Here are a couple of screen shots. Clicking the Configure button works for the other file types - it is only unresponsive for the DWG/DXF file type. Feels like something is missing from the library. (Note that I did a clean install of Sketchup while trying to fix this - to no avail.)

What does the Configure button do? On the PC all the import settings are behind the Options button. What does the Options button do on the Mac? Just curious.

It just pops up the import dialog, it could be that it is hidden somewhere after disconnecting a second monitor. You could try resetting the workspace [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->Workspace

I finally fixed this issue by undertaking a second clean install of SU (I must have missed a corrupted prefs file the first time).