Duplicating Windows And Doors?

It seems that most architectural models will require making windows that are just like other windows on the building. I’ve been making my windows one by one, which can’t be the smart way to do it, especially for windows with considerable detail. So…

What’s a good method for duplicating a window? If I create one window just the way I want it and then need 12 more identical windows, how should I go about that?


Make one window a component. Then copy as many times as required. Any changes you make to one will be reflected in the others.

If any need some to be different, you can make them “unique”.

Some research:

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This helps focus my question, thanks. I get how to duplicate objects via the Move method. But a window isn’t an object, it’s a hole in a wall basically. How do you make a hole a component?

I’ll watch the vids now and see what I can learn.

Use a hole cutting component. I often use two-- one for each side of a two faced wall.

Also you can move/duplicate any geometry but a simple hole will not go with it, you have to then delete the rectangles (the faces not the edges) you don’t want, and you may have to use the “intersect faces” command before you can delete them. It’s still rather fast, but I think the hole cutting components are the preferred method.

Ok thanks, I’m listening. If your time permits, what is a hole cutting component?

Maybe this will be a good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H05bQdjVQGc

This is how I do it. :wink:

Note that in addition to the window cutting the opening there is an addition ‘skeleton’ component for each face, with it’s sole purpose of cutting out additional faces.

The Building Creator extension does all that for you automatically!

First select your window geometry, right click, and select create component.

In the box that comes up make sure to select glue to any, and Cut Opening.

Although OP is using the Free, non-plugin version. I am interested in the plugin (in the first post). The link does not work, but I found another post of yours. Is this a Windows-only plugin?

Fixed the link.

Windows only as in not Mac compatible, although I’m working on a Mac compatible version.

But not window only as in creating various types of openings (windows, walk doors, overhead doors, and barn doors in 10 different styles). Send me a PM. I’d be happy to do a demo, or you can download the free trial and check it out.

Thanks! Right, I meant “Windows” not “Mac”! :grinning:

At this point you would need to using something like Parallels on a Mac.

Hi Nuke,
Check out the FlexTools extension, they have an entire suite of hole cutting dynamic components ready made for just about any opening you can think of. In addition, they have dynamic stairs and ramps! flex tools.cc

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Thank you for this, another quality video from Justin.

For single face walls, the method he describes is great, very handy.

Regrettably, due to the limitations of SketchUp, the double face wall method is kind of a mess. So I’ll keep reading the thread to see what other options are available.

Well ok, none of the above is going to work for me it seems. I do wish to thank members for sharing their time here though, much appreciated.

If you’ll forgive an editorial, there is a solution to this. Instead of everyone creating all kinds of clever work arounds and rationalizing mediocrity etc, we could instead just admit and agree that this is an unacceptable limitation of SketchUp and politely petition the SketchUp team to address it. Efficiently generating working windows in real world double faced walls seems an essential feature which should be built in to any architectural modeling program.

Ok, maybe not the free version, maybe that’s asking too much. But if such an essential feature doesn’t exist in Pro either, that is odd indeed.

SketchUp is not only for architect.

Yes, good point. I’m learning I can create landscapes in it too. Gonna create a trail through the woods next I think.

I posted this a while back, over on Sketchucation. Still not a true multiple wall solution but until then…


So I decided to go back and watch Justin’s video again with a more open mind. Oops, didn’t work. :slight_smile: As Justin freely admits, his solution for double wall cutting is a hack.

However, right at the end of the video he briefly mentions an extension specifically designed for cutting through double walls. Just now starting to explore it, and while I do perhaps you’d like to as well.

You can get the extension here:


The extension has a free 15 day trial, and a permanent license is $39.

Read more here: https://mindsightstudios.com/double-cut/

They have three tutorial videos:

I’ll comment further once I’ve played with the extension for a bit. Do the same if you wish.

Backing this, FlexTools is the ■■■■! This plugin has saved and still saves us hours and hours of modeling time.