Dropping by to say Hi

I made a comment in a thread and Anssi noticed. The thread was about Z-fighting, which is something I had dealt with in another OpenGL 3D product long before I ever found SU. So of course it caught my eye. And the responses there were great. A clear and cogent reply from slbaumgartner and a clear and illustrative video from Box.

Replying to Anssi in any detail there would be off topic, so I’m picking up the conversation here, the designated “off topic” place.

Hi Anssi –

I drop in every few months just to see what’s going on and I have done some banging on the betas, but I don’t have the play time that I used to have. That may be changing as my work life is stabilizing. I have a complex project in SU Ruby that I’m hoping to do a 3D print of when it’s done, but I seem to work on that about once every six months.

I’ve been gone long enough that my Top Contributor status seems to have faded along with the name “Google” around here, which is to be expected. (Although I still have that as a line in my resume and I think it may have helped when I got a year’s contracting gig in the Google TV group a couple of years ago.)

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