Nice to meet the SU community

Michael Makdah
My professions is a Spartan, just kidding I am a Marketer, who works in the 3D printing, and Gaming realm.

I love Sketchup its super useful and easy to use.
I use it to design things to 3D print; my latest print was a go pro mount for my car.
I am still new to SU, and at the beginner level.
I use it on Macbook pro.
I still don’t have a page!
I’m a very smiley person so my emoji would be one that smiles.
I usually prefer long jogs on the beach or diving deep in the sea.

Welcome to the forums! It is always nice to see new people joining the community. If you ever need any help with anything, just want to share your work, or are looking for feedback, don’t be afraid to post! That is what these forums are for. Once again Welcome. I look forward to seeing your future posts and hopefully some of your work.

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