Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :-)

Who are you, who, who? Friends call me Meow (no kidding)

What is your industry and profession? I am originally a portrait artist/painter

Where do you use SketchUp? I just been trying out sketchup for fun. It has become a hobby

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? My father is an architect and I have always been a fan of his work. I been having fun modeling his houses just to test my limits and the software itself.

How proficient are you in SketchUp? Not so sure yet, I just started last year, but have rarely had the time to practice. Being an OCD perfectionist, I tend to be very strict with my models.

What is your current set up? Asus: 8GB; Intel CORE i7; SketchUp Pro 2015.

Do you have a 3DW page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? here is a sample image of what I have done on sketchup…

Anything else you would like to tell us? I am originally a portrait artist/painter and a sculptor, but haven’t done much of that lately for years I have been sickly… I am very new to 3D modeling and I find it addictive.

What is your favorite Emoji? :smile_cat: I guess? LOL

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…? No, I am a very lazy person. I use sketchup like a game. I use it as a stress reliever/therapy.