Drop here problem

recently my students have been blocked by this message. Then they have to refresh the page and the project.

Thanks for helping to solve this.

One of the developers, whose Italian is better than mine, looked at your screenshots. They seem like normal alerts. One of them is about opening a recovered model, that will happen if you were working on something and the browser closed before there was a chance to save the file. You could choose to open the recovered file and then make sure to save it.

What is the main problem that you are referring to?

Thank you. The problem is that, I don’t know why, my students sometimes visualize the “Trascina il file qui” message and it does not give the possibility to exit that screen. The only way is to recharge the webpage and then hope to reopen the project where left.

Hi there,

I’m a developer for the SketchUp for Schools product. Thank you for reporting this. I have tested this and I can reproduce the state you are seeing by dropping a file extremely quickly after it enters the page. Perhaps this is the cause of the issue your students have been seeing.

For now, I would advise:

  • Wait a second or two to drop a file after you drag it onto the screen (once you see the “drop file here”/“trascina il file qui” message you are probably good).
  • If you get stuck, you can recover by dragging another file onto the screen and releasing it.

We have documented this bug and will work to resolve it.

If you find a different way to trigger the bug, please let us know!