Need urgent help with my school layout file please!

Hello everyone, I am in dire need of help as the file that contained the drawings I was working on for my end-of-year architecture school project is no longer opening. I can’t open it anymore, and it is stuck saying error reading layout file. After reading some of the similar situations, I believe it might have somehow gotten corrupted. I am not sure what to do; any help would be more than greatly appreciated.

We might be able to help you if you share the LayOut file. We certainly cannot help you if you don’t share it. Share the SketchUp file, too.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? You put SketchUp for Schools in your forum profile but that is a browser based version for school children and does not include LayOut.

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I am sorry for the confusion i am using sketchup studio that i purchased through my university. I am using sketchup 2023. I believe i drew it from scratch, or i might have made it from a massing model, i will look now, in the meantime this is the file. Thank you so much for your help and concern, i am very grateful for how fast it was.
greenhousde jo.layout (13.1 MB)

Please correct your forum profile.

Looking at the references and vector data it appears there a large number of inserted images and .dwg files. I didn’t see any SketchUp references, though. I couldn’t open the file either. Perhaps @adam can take a look. He may have tools that would allow it to open.

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Yes thank you for trying Dave I really appreciate it, updated my forum profile, if @adam could take a look it would be a life saver.

I took a brief look at this and the references.xml and stylemanager.xml files are empty, as is one of the page xml files. The references.xml missing is a pretty big issue, as that file ids all of the references in your document, including the pages, images, dwg references, etc. I’m sorry but this file does not seem recoverable. Any chance you have a “Backup of greenhousde jo.layout” sitting next to your corrupted file?



Hello Adam thank you for your response, I am afraid there is no backup file next to it, what could have caused those xml files to dissapear? Is there anything that can still be done perhaps even an older version of the file or something?

what if i had those images and dwg references and put them all in a xml file manually is that plausible?

I’m guessing the more feasible process would be to extract the references and vectordata files and insert the ones you need into a new LayOut file. You can open the LO file with an unzipping utility such as 7-zip and save out the two folders on your computer’s internal drive.

Where have you been saving the LayOut file while you were working on it?

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There is no way to map all those references to the id that every element has or should get, it is controlled by the app itself.

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