Drill or punch plugin?

Ok I’ve tried every way I can find on YouTube to make holes in my part and nothing works! I have downloaded the fredo visor hole plugin but for the life of me I can’t understand it! I know there has to be a simple plugin out there to make holes! I do t mind paying for it at all but I need it to work! Thanks!

TIG has one called HolepunchTool. It is on Sketchucation.
Did you watch the video for Visuhole?

I found one with no sound so I really couldn’t understand

EP Fasteners Tool by jay Watson is another.

Was the video the one launched from the Tools menu > Fredo6 collection?

No it was one off YouTube I’ll check to see if I can find the one you referring to!

Although I make my hole manually, I think the Wudworx tools seem to be a popular choice. You can checkout the Drill Plugin here. It’s a paid plugin but it seems easy enough to use.

I think I have seen it being used on recent versions of sketchUp, but you could always ask the authors about what SketchUp versions it supports.

Your profile doesn’t state which version of SketchUp you are using. You could edit your profile and add that information in for others to see and provide clearer answers in the future.

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Thanks for the reply and I also updated my info on my profile! I bought that plugin because of the simplicity of use ! I wish I could find more for doing metal works ! I don’t mind paying for good plugins at all!

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Visuhole is actually both powerful and simple to use — once you understand it… but it’s not obvious how it works when you first try it.

Fredo’s tools all have a somewhat idiosyncratic interface, but they’re well worth mastering.

In the case of Visuhole the key is understanding how the stencil works. It would help if the default stencil was a simple hole (I find the default unwieldy to use as is), with other basic shapes available to choose from a drop-down menu.

As it is, it’s easy to draw your own stencil:

  1. open Visuhole and click on it’s toolbar button to bring up the menu bar
  2. draw a circle with the same radius as the hole you want to drill. (leave it as a raw face - don’t group)
  3. hit the TAB key, then select the face with the stencil tool and snap the axis to the centre inference.

This creates the stencil, which you can then use to drill through any group or component. There’s a lot more to the plugin, but that’s all you need to drill simple holes.

I bought this and can not get it installed! When I download it then I go to extension manager and click install plugin when it takes me to the download folder I can not find it! Any insight?

Can you see the file you downloaded if you go to the Downloads folder in File Explorer? What file name are you looking for?

Never mind I sent it to the desktop and it worked! Thanks for the replies! I could see it in the files folder but when the extension manager opened it it wasn’t there! But I moved it to desktop and could go right to it! Again thanks for helping me!

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In case you didn’t see this, here’s a cool feature of the Drill tool.

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