Instant Door Window Plugin

I know there are a lot of plugins. Im using the plugin “Instant Door Window” by Vali Architects. I’m trying to create a window in a wall I’ve created but it keeps saying to me, “Both wall inside and outside faces should be active. One of your wall faces is not active (Is in a different group or component). May have unexpected results.” I’m pretty new to sketchup also. Thanks for your help

As usual, it’s best if you can upload your drawing so we can see what you got.

Right-click on your wall > Edit Group
then place the ‘InstantDoor’

See at min 2:11

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Thanks. I finally got it to work. However, now my file crashed and will not open.

Glad it worked but sorry to hear it crashed.

If you are happy to make your own window and door components, you can create them as cutting components. Natively, cutting components only cut one wall surface, which is pretty restricting. However, @TIG’s Hole Punch extension (available in Sketchucation) adds extra functionality and allows you to punch a hole through a wall that has thickness when you place the component (or later on).

Thanks for that. However, the file will not open now so unfortunately I won’t be able to get the Hole Punch extension and do what you advised. Do you know about files not opening after a crash?

Not really. Where is the file stored? If you can upload it here, others could try opening it. At least that would help determine if it has been corrupted or if it is a problem local to you.

I can’t send it in here. The file is too large. Mind if I email it to you to see if you can open it?

How big is the file? Could be a clue to the crash. A better option to email is to use file sharing like Dropbox. Then place a link here. That would allow anyone to try opening it.

BTW, your profile is missing useful info such as the actual OSX you are using and details of the graphics card. If not now, this kind of info is very useful to experienced forum members and helps them help you.

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 17.42.21

Ok. I’ll add all that stuff. I’m new to all this. The file isn’t that big. Or at least I don’t believe so. It will fit in an email so to me that’s not a big file. I will share via Dropbox after my noon walk.

I’ve updated my profile with all the information you suggested. As well here is a link to my SketchUp file that will not open.

I was able to open the file but there was a warning message before I could. I suspect this is where your issues lie. See below.

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 09.00.25

Here is a link to a version I saved back to 2017. See if it opens for you.

Ok. Thanks