Sam D Mitch (hole in wall) plugin

I recently switched to MAC from Windows and am loading all my plugins. I used Sam’s plugins, Bolt Maker that I found in SU Extensions, and another called Hole in The Wall that I have not been able to find.

In my Windows SU plugin install there was an SDM Tools menu with edge, face, corG, Misc Tool menu items. Under the Face tool was the Hole In The Wall.

This is a nice plugin because it allowed me to make holes in my components without having to edit the component and make a hole using SU.

I don’t know exactly that, but maybe it’s among them …

Sam has withdrawn his extensions. They are no longer available for download. You could possibly scavenge it from your old computer but it’s not available on Sketchucation.

ah ok…sad i liked that plugin.

I started with that list. Thanks though…

Yeah. It’s sad that he withdrew his plugins but he had a decent reason and I don’t blame him.

Still, there are other options for doing what those tools did. Fredo6’s Stencil might be a good replacement for Hole in the Wall and depending on what you need for bolts and their details, modeling them yourself isn’t very difficult or for some low quality ones there’s EF Fasteners from the EWH.

Thanks I will try the ‘stencil’. I use other Fredo plugins also a great set of tools!

Nothing called stencil. Perhaps another name?

Sorry. Visu Hole. Stencil is the tooltip.

Got it. Exactly what I was looking for.