Drawings gone, just text is visible

20210123 Planas.skp (297.9 KB)

Hello guys,
First time I faced a problem with drawings. They just disappeared. Tried to use the search here in the forum, but none of the solutions was useful. Maybe do you have any idea?

20210123 Planas.skp (313.1 KB)

You somehow managed to get the camera placed a long way from the origin and model.

Omg. You saved me 4 hours… :slight_smile: Really appreciate!
How did you fix it? what did you click? I would like to know if it will happen again.

I used a a plugin called SW Rescue my Model.

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Opening your model in SU 2021, it reports a large number of errors - here are just the first few.

Entity CComponentDefinition (565461) has an out of range persistent id - fixed

Entity CEdge (565475) has an out of range persistent id - fixed

Entity CVertex (565476) has an out of range persistent id - fixed

Entity CVertex (565477) has an out of range persistent id - fixed

It reports fixing them, but apparently only by deleting all the geometry!

Like Dave, I don’t know how it happened.

When I open Dave’s fixed version, I see one thing you should change before you go further.

For a slight degree of future proofing, learn to use components and/or groups (I prefer components) to collect your geometry together into ‘non-sticky’ separate sections.

Make a component of each floor plan - window select round the floor, press the g key, and give the component a name.

Do the same for the other floor.

IF you have the misfortune to have your model get corrupt again, @colin has frequently but not always been able to rescue the component definitions from the corrupted file, but not any loose geometry or placement of the components.

When I opened Dave’s fixed version, your model reports having been last saved as v2017 of SU - please update your profile to show that. And I’m guessing it isn’t the Pro but the Make version, or still a trial Pro 2017 version which will become Make 30 after you installed it.

I thought you should see the version at the top of your screen too when you open SU, but apparently not in 2017. I just see the file name.