Drawing shapes so that all straight lines are on the same plane

Hexagon C May 17.skp (210.8 KB)


I drew the shapes on either side of the door hoping that all end points of the straight lines would be on the same plane.

I need to select each shape individually. That does not work. When I try to select a shape, the shapes AND the area outside of the shape are both selected.

Why would that be? Are the shapes not on the same plane as the rest of the hexagon? After all, the hexagon is a flat 2D surface.

Once and for all, please tell me how to avoid this problem. It shows up occasionally.

I’m using SketchUp 2024 on an iMac with the 14.4.1 OS.

Thank you very much.

Peter Enns

I think you should try to work without using guide lines. They create a snap point that may not be what you want if you haven’t created them properly.
You can see in this gif that you have guides and edges that don’t match, and an extrusion you may not know is there and faces through other faces.
GIF 18-05-2024 3-20-45 AM
I have said it before, you need someone looking over your shoulder. We can’t keep repeating the same answers to no avail.


A simple answer; have patience when you are drawing and be precise ( start and end point).
If you select something and other things get selected as well, then the shape/linework isn’t closed.
Start and drag to a point at the correct guide line. Zoom in to your target point.

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