Drawing Precision on iMac (Preferences Dialog Box Differences)

Can’t find the “Units” or “Length Snapping” options on the Mac version of SU2019.

The preferences dialog box is quite different from the Windows version.



Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 9.08.40 AM|690x447

Look under Model Info, not Preferences.

The screen shot you show is actually from Model Info on Mac. Notice it says Model Info at the top.

FWIW, this isn’t “drawing precision”, it’s display precision. You can model just as precisely with the units set to something coarse but you won’t have the resolution when you are measuring with the Tape Measure tool or adding Dimensions.

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Thanks DaveR.

How can I make a change to the “Display Precision” be permanent. Can the template be modified to accomplish this?

Create a new template. Open a blank file, change the units settings and use File>Save as template. Make sure the box is ticked for Use as default if you want this every time.

There are other settings you might want to make for your template. When I created a template for the woodworking projects I generally do I set the camera position to be more suitable for the size of the models I do. I also don’t like the wide field of view so I changed the field of view for the camera. I edited the default style so the background is white, the back face color is a green I’d never use in my models (on some displays the default back face color is difficult to distinguish from the shaded white front face color.) and I set Profiles to 1. I want profile edges displayed but I usually don’t want them to be heavier than other edges. Once the style changes are made, the style gets updated and that style is included in the template.

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After I saved the file as a default template, with the changes. Can I modify this template in the future?

You can or you can save another template. If you only want to make a temporary change for a specific model, you can do that when you get started on that model.

Your default template can certainly evolve over time if you wish.

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So, how to I delete a template file? And how do I edit an existing one?

When I do a search for these questions, I only get links for the Windows version.

Beginning to think I should have gone with the Windows version. The interface seems more logical.

SketchUp templates that you create get saved into a normally hidden directory. On Mac that’s User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp… You can make that directory visible and delete the templates you might have saved but don’t want.

To edit an existing one, open a new file and select that template. Make the changes and save it as a template as before.

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Was able to delete the unnecessary templates. But when trying to edit an existing one, I end up with another new template.

Open existing template, edit, save as template with the same name as original, click yes to replace original.

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Is this for Windows? I do not get a “replace” option on the Mac.

Don’t agonize over it. Set up your template as desired and save it. Then go into the directory where the user templates are saved and delete the ones you don’t need.

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Thanks DaveR and endlessfix. I made a typo in the edited template, that is why I did not get prompted about the duplicate. I now have the workflow down, so that I can make ongoing edits to the template as I get more proficient. Steep learning curve, at times very frustrating.

Thanks again for your support …

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